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Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
hear the plans of our best minds this is what they warn the only way to avert the worst is everyone use more more things to make life complete consume more and more i don't know how people in the past had anything to live for everything is more creature comforts from the black lagoon more automated assembly lines they do more and more they put thousands out of work but hey what's progress for? more loot for the privileged few more people on the scam more laws clogging up the courts throwing more people in the can everything is more you want a job? become a screw! more more people in the twighlight zone more more tits, more ass, more cops, more traps, more and more and more and more and more more sports, more news, more information in and endless loop i've heard the same thing so many times i can'st stands no more! more cops in the donut shops more numbers more foreclosures more of your money in the big tanks' vaults more

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