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tell me, where have you been hiding? cause i've been searching, and never even finding, and i wish that i had met you sooner, cause i was tired of feeling like a loser.

you came out of nowhere, said hello to me. and we were in a place that i never thought we'd be.

i gave you the information, try not to lose it now you've got the aim and you know how to use it. and i try, try, try... try to hide, but you always find me. i'll go, go, go... go inside, come in and sit beside me, please.

i'm lonely, which doesn't make much sense because you're with me, or was there something i missed? cause lately, you've been seeming distant, and i wonder if there's somebody else you'd rather be with.

you came out of nowhere, said goodbye to me. and we were in a place that i never thought we'd be.

and i know you're not the only fish in the sea, you're not the only girl for me. when the object of my affection becomes the cause of my rejection. it seems out of line, but don't worry i'll be fine. i would say that you are better off anyway.
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