Do You Still Testo

Testo Do You Still

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Do u really love me (do you still love me)Really careDo u really need me (do you still need me)Need me thereDo u really want me (do you still want me)Do u dareDo u still careDo you remember the timeWhen you were mineBrighten up my day like a star would shineWe had no money, honey but we didn't careWe had something specialLike no other lover could compareWe had dreams and desries,aspirations entireWhen we made loveYou'd hear the angels in choirWas a lover of a lifetime,Precious like a goldmineBut you had to go,Where I don't knowAnd now I spend my night timeSleeping alone,in bed by the phoneSo why don't you call me,SO why don't you call me?Tell meCHORUS:Do u really love me (do u still love me)Really care (thinking about you)Do u really need me (do you still need me)Need me there (still tinking about you)Do you really want me (do you still want me)Do you dare (dreaming about you)Do you really love me (do you still love me)Really care (still dreaming about you)R u missing me tooLike I'm missing youDo u still careI know, just like a rainbow,everything must endSometime, someway, somhow, somedayBut the bloom was immature,it ended prematureTwo hearts broken by soft words spokenIn the garden of begining,our flowers grew the sameI guess they grew apart,from the wind and the rainNow I'm leaving in pain,will it remain?Tell meCHORUS

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