Let It Rain Testo

Testo Let It Rain

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
As we walk through the Corridor of creation We see lands divide Nation against nation Like comets they collide And we pray We pray for the unseen To be seen by the eyes of man When heaven and earth are hand in hand Thy will be done Damn, get set for damage Prepare the soul To control and manage Cut the groove Make it rough like a chainsaw Inject the beat eat meat like carnivore Trumpets sound And the wrath pours down Angels dance to the new groove in town Clouds part Sky opens wide No place to run, no place to hide Love rain down on me Don't want to see it Just wanna feel it Love knows no boundary Gotta believe it And you'll recieve it Love - let it rain (x8) Love Tribes 144 on the mount Like an exodus to the final count Music is blasting, silence everlasting The call of the cosmos got the Planets dancing, 2 send a new vibe New ray new day A spiritual experience Is gonna come your way A vision a vibe with a touch too tender Your love to the lord Now it's time to surrender Love rain down on me Don't wanna see it, just wanna feel it Love knows no boundary Gotta believe it And you'll recieve it Let it rain (x8) Love - let it rain.

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