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J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Kill surprise and be in the woods on your own,
from the size of your eyes I wouldn’t trust a tone.
You’re alight, and with that you won’t be alone.
Realigned, you were beauty without a home.

Rumours of death and the strong hate of a mirror,
call for release and the taste of anyone near;
left alone you will perish to be up to no good,
your own fault is what you will use as an excuse.

Still, I was in panic for hours,
in your will you’d promised me you’d settle me down.
So many pills, they were all scattered around,
it made me ill; I couldn’t stand to drown,

and you’ll be shorter of breath now,
I can feel the blood draining out.

Your body got closer to the point where we were one,
the thought struck me softly that I wanted to go where you’d gone.
Your mouth was open; I was scared to know what was inside,
I wouldn’t admit it, but the dead eyes made me cry.
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