Rewards/Forfeits Testo

Testo Rewards/Forfeits

Give us the ground,
for we are weightless,
only found by the wrestle of leaves;
under foot crunch the branch that alone will leave.

In that iron guard,
clad in a softer sound,
a bed made of all around,
I won't know your keenness,
and I cannot tell what you feel when you’re next to me,

and let it swing towards,
scrape off your blood rewards,
and scatter your arm's awards.

Kiss their mouths,
lead them out;
with a truncheon fist you let them down,
and give them comfort to be revealed.
Know that you can't feel less
than you do now.

Over head fallen,
and clutch onto stolen;
you're home,
we finally die,
and when we don't
it’s a lie.

Sides will shake and fall,
hardly enough at all,
smiles will wake in part
and time will taller grow.

Forfeits taken down,
painted eyelids for a better view,
haven in your softness
and a neck snapped by a pillow,
stiller than I wanted.
Taken by all that you know,
live up until you are old
and give up until I am sold,
until home.
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