Teeth Testo

Testo Teeth

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
My skin cracked and the sun came in,
it was as fragile as my lips.
Shaken and shut,
I needed staples in my hips

and I needed arms,
but the open air was limbless,
and my nervous breath was endless,
if only it would stop.

The neat snap of bone,
it was hollowed by your stone.
The hot crush of home,
it was a subtle lapse, your a heart a map
of where your veins go.

When your teeth collapsed you made me catch them,
blood in hands and on your halo.
The heart was hatched in early hours,
we moved to land and watched it grow old.

Lock your teeth into me,
tangle up your spine;
nails in your quiver,
I had ached in my jaw line.
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