Guilt On Dirty Hands Testo

Testo Guilt On Dirty Hands

Killing time is not a weakness.
If it's killed for you you'll get weaker by the day.
Is it hereditary sickness,
or is it TV screens that make you what you are today?
Answer me with honesty with questions put aside,
does your reflection ever mention what you could have wanted from your life?
It seems to me you've never noticed what's wrong or right.
Get some self control!
Do unto others as is done to you.
When did you decide that the actions you applied
would all be carried through?
Now, I'm paying for the bed you use-
they call it justice but it's just a word that's been misused.
So what's he reason for a system that provides,
with only cautions exercised?
We're re-offending, its a mild concern.
I guess they'll never learn.
Stop debating where you stand.
There's only guilt on dirty hands,
a guilt that can't be washed away
unless we start changing today.
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