Erection Testo

Testo Erection

Tiziano Ferro, al concerto non si presentano 1000 persone per paura di attentati
It's a scene from a movie
It's an aisle of the store
It's the view of a canyon
The sound of the sword
It's an orchard of peaches
Your wife, in the shower
While you wait for appointments
As you walk through the park

Oh, uh oh, erection

You know it's not only love dear
That can flip the switch up
And though it probably should be
Maybe God fucked it up

Oh, uh oh, erection

It boiled up like a tower
A monument in the park
It's the cock of a rifle
The memory in the dark
You tried to keep it a secret
And that world's gonna know
You've tried for perfection

But then oh, uh oh, erection
Oh, uh oh, erection