Push! Push! Testo

Testo Push! Push!

Come take a rideOr a slip´n´sideTo sit astride´n´glide´n´´.....Push!Push!Please pull the stringsBees use their stingsBirds spread their wing andSome things...Push! Push!A puss that puresBy settin´spuresIs this his or her what stirs?Now: Push! Push!Unlock the sloiceBring up the juceJust let it loose..Produce´n´Push! Push!RefrainPush! Push! Push!Just a littlePush! Push! Push!A little furtherPush! Push! Push!Just a little bitPush! Push! Push!A little bit mooooore!Ooh what a blowYeah, what a show!Hey, one more throw...Let´s go now! Push! Push!Another shotWe hit teh spotOh that was hot.. a lotNow: Push! Push!RefrainFrom stick or stoneTo the prick an d boneI´m lyin´prone, I´m n´n´not alonePush!Push!With a whip and chainThere´s plesure´n painAnd no venture, no gain....againNow Push!! Push!RefrainOur fathers who are from heavenWhen kings have come thy will bedone Forgive this day - our dailybread Give ahead!!!Refrain

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