Racist World Testo

Testo Racist World

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
You got this guy named Steve who goes to school and goes to work, he tries to play fare, but alone he sits. All these people laugh and cry, stare at him, a friendly guy, insecurities, only see's the lies!
[Chorus:] It's such a racist world, when will we see the light? So many different people, it's not just black and white!
He tries to do the best he can, they stare un-fare, don't give a hand, he still does care, with closed eyes! All the wild the world is fierce, his hair is green, his chin is pierced, insecurities, to know his name!
Staring, at the carpet, there's shadows on the wall, all alone and they don't care, play unfair, lets sit and stare, they just want clean little boys!