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Two,One,One,One,Death,your Steps in my Head,your voices creeping on my breast!stop this please,I don't Need that,I knew I die and now I am death!is something BROKED in you,everything is broked fucking around you!a Little Bit of this,a Taste of that,you will feel,what I've felt!Dead,Dead,Dead in my Head,Dead,Dead,Dead,Dead,ohhh...

Refrain: I should Be in Heaven,but I belong to hell,cause you will Be there,sitting in your Cell,I Tell anyone,that I'll go Away in this Cell to that Angel in hell!that Angel in hell!


Two,one,One,One,sad,dead room's which I BEG,please devour me,I'll swallow it!I Look at These,Wall's of memories,they're also in me,it's all I HAVE!!Credit or don't have,it doesn't Make no difference!that wasn't my decision,I feel invisible! I agree,that you belong to me,its so sad,Why we only Met,
Met,Met,Met its so sad,Met Met Met Met...

Refrain: wie oben nur geshoutet

bridge :

If we had ,fucking Never, Met! X4

If we had,
(I can't see you,I just Beg for ya),
Never Met
(I beg,beg,beg)! X4

Begged,begged...Why we only Met
Why we only Met,Met,Met,begged,
Met,Met,Why we only Met!
Why we only Met,Met,Met,begged,
Why we only Met,
Why we only Met,it is so fucking sad,
Sad,fucking sad,oooaaahh!
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