Dead Black Testo

Testo Dead Black

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse

We came to One One Dead,a cursed Place,
how could I forget!
She said As far As this but no farther,
I asked her why but She was silently!
I prostrate and didn't realized,what went wrong and she turns into bright,
dead Black,how could I forget,how could I forget!forget.......



I displaced all this Instead,I blamed myself,How could I forget!
A inner Voice told me don't bother,
Another Day,another Sunset!
But everything's just Black and White,since She turned into bright,
Dead Black,how could I forget,I cant forget,forget...


I turn my back on heaven,Cause I belong to hell,She will Be there,sitting in her cell,I Tell anyone,that I'll go Away,in this cell,to that Angel in hell,hell...


It felt like a million,Ocean's above,
Me and the Dead trees,we've planted along,the Road of mourning,they'll never grow up,they'll Never grow up...

And I should be in heaven,But I belong to hell,Cause you will Be there sitting in your cell,I Tell anyone,that I'll go Away,in this cell,to that Angel in hell,hell
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