Plague Testo

Testo Plague

Vasco Rossi, il Live Kom ‘016 parte da Lignano Sabbiadoro
Intro: I Cut my Heart Wide Open, fill up Blood,Thats my promise,what you got,until I Fall,nothings Forever,we'll sitting in Death mudd and Drink,bottles Full of Blood!

CREEP,She creeps,Straight down,to me,and I'll Leave her!

Vers:I'll Never Change the Time,the Time I fucking bled,just One more Ache Inside and I'm Dying,I was Never alone,but almost peaceless,I crawling out of me,cause I cannot breath!

Provers:I was creeping up to her,She has thrown a Kiss down on me,I was creeping up to her,She has thrown a Stone down on me!

Refrain:down on the Bottom,from my Heart,corrode Dead Blood and it'll Never Stops!this fucking Part,isn't fucking over,it is over if I say its over!


Black Clouds all over me,While I dig my Grave!She ripped my Heart apart,this fucking plague!She creeps Straight down,down to me!down in Death mudd,and I Left her!


I'm everything you Ever wanted,everything you'll Never get,
I'm everything you ever wanted,everything you'll get no more!X2


CREEP,She creeps,Straight down,to me,and I'll Leave her!
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