Blackland Farmer Testo

Testo Blackland Farmer

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
When the Lord made me he made a simple man Not much money and not much land He didn't make me no baker or legal charmer And the Lord made me a blackland farmer Well my hands ain't smooth my face is rough But my heart is warm and my ways ain't tough I guess I'm the luckiest man ever born Cause the Lord gave me help and a blackland farm I've been breakin' up the new ground early in the day I'm ganna plant some cotton I'm gonna plant some hay I love to smell the sweet breeze blowin' through the corn Lord you sure done me right on my blackland farm I feel like I'm gettin' closer to you God A plantin' the ground and breakin' up the sod My mind is at ease and I could do no harm Lord I owe it all to you and the blackland farm