If That's The Fashion Testo

Testo If That's The Fashion

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Each day there's someone who pays for another's mistakes The guilty go free but the hearts of the innocent break You brag that you cheat or I'd never believe it was so And if that's the fashion then leave me to sorrow and go I vowed to my heart I'd be true dear when God made us one You took the same vow and shame those who cheated for fun Now you see no glamor in love that is faithful and true And if that's the fashion it's the kind of love that I never knew I thought your young heart would settle and wanted just one I was so wrong but it's hard to undo whatn is done I guess it's time changing the cycle of life changes too So if that's the fashion be gay for life owes it to you

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