Introductory Speech Gentleman Jim Testo

Testo Introductory Speech Gentleman Jim

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I guess everyone has their favorite singer their favorite entertainer Mine was Gentleman Jim Reeves Now I only know he was the great person the great artist and the great singer He was my friend I feel that these next songs that you'll hear in this album Are the greatest that Jim Reeves ever sang I hope that you will accept my humble way of presenting them to you Jim was my friend he sang from the heart I'll try to do the best I can Adios Amigo Gentleman Jim The sun settin' slowly beyond the last hill And the chorus sing softly to a world waiting still Of hearts weak and sadder and lights growing dim Adios Amigo Gentleman Jim When he lift up his head and then began to sing Was like carols at Christmas or birds in the spring Such joy and such sunshine reflected in him Adios Amigo Gentleman Jim Then God went out walking one day heard him singing With sadness and want to inspire Said Jim listen to me one favour please do me Come sing in my heavenly choir Now the long day is over and the good race is run And the world smiles much brighter for things Jim has done A place in God's chorus they made for him our amigo Gentleman Jim Adios Amigo Gentleman Jim

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