Y'all Come Testo

Testo Y'all Come

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
Well when you live in the country everybody is your neighbor On this one thing you can rely They'll all come to see you and they'll never never leave you Saying y'all come to see us by and by Y'all come (y'all come) y'all come (y'all come) Oh y'all come to see us when you can Y'all come (y'all come) y'all come (y'all come) Oh y'all come to see us now and then [ guitar ] The kinfolks're comin' they're comin' by the dozen They're eatin' everything from soup to hay And right after dinner they ain't looking any thinner And here's what you'll hear 'em say Y'all come (y'all come)... [ guitar ] Well now grandma's a wishing they'd come to kitchen And help her do the dishes right away But they all start leavin' even though she's a grievin' You can still hear grandma say Y'all come (y'all come)... Y'all come (y'all come)...

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