You Keep Right On Loving Me Testo

Testo You Keep Right On Loving Me

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Puttin' on your makeup I can see the lines you're tryin' hard to hide Lines that tell the story of your life with me that seemed to you good times All I've been to you is a thorn to me you've been a rose And you keep right on loving me but why you do I'll never know Making yourself pretty for a man who hasn't made your life much fun Never do you complain and if angels walk on earth then honey you'd be one And if you've ever cried you've cried inside where it don't show And you keep right on loving me but why you do I'll never know I broke every promise not even the small ones could I keep That's why I keep thinkin' that you'd be so much better off without me And I know if I try to leave you'd even let me go And you'd keep right on loving me and why you would I'll never know

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