From The Fields Of Fire Testo

Testo From The Fields Of Fire

Midnight isolation
Emptiness visualized
Frontiers vanished
Powers evoked

Dive into the sea of pain
Seeking the purest forms
Breathe the everlasting might
Enter the astral shadow
Sacrifice your frozen flesh
At the monument of hate
Purify your burning soul
With flames from the fields of fire

Moonlight isolation
Satan desecration
Mind flesh
Destruction rebirth

Feel...feel the eternal fire

Shapes of hell
Are wandering
Through unreachable
Dimensions of your mind

Feel the cold streams
From the dark cosmic sea
Channeling the infernal powers
From the field beyond

Ride the wave of time
To satanic singularity
Inside find the key
To secret knowledge

Sacrifice your frozen soul
To the whirl of oblivion
Purify your burning flesh
With flames from the fields of fire

[Sadorass, Brachmond 1.999 era vulg.]
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