Automatic Testo

Testo Automatic

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Just one of our songs comes on,
And you're here in my mind,
Just passing your picture and you come back,
When I close my eyes,

I can be fine - somewhere else as I drive,
Then I pass where we first met,
I can be cool - thinking I'm over you,
But then something reminds me not yet.

It's automatic when I think of you,
It's automatic what it puts me through,
If I'm an addict then my drug is you,
It's automatic,

Just one of my lines comes out,
And the truth comes out about you,
I tried looking for someone new,
But when I do I'm never amused.

I can be out with all my friends - just about,
And someone says your name and I start to change,
What had been weightless suddenly is stressed,
And the smile falls from my face.


I can't let you go, I have no control,
You're a habit that I can't break,
When is it enough?
When do I give up?
Is there something that it's gonna take?


Don't you know what you put in my heart?
Don't you know that you've torn me apart?
Don't you know I would shake you if I could?
But I've tried - can't you tell it's no good?

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