Far Too Deep Testo

Testo Far Too Deep

I close my eyes and breathe in deep,
I take a sigh 'cause I can't sleep,
A thousand times in my mind I've said goodbye,
Conversations in my head of words unsaid.

But you won't disappear like you're supposed to,
You're much too sincere to let me let go of you,
When I try to walk away you pull me,
I'm far too deep.

I fake a smile and hide behind it,
Been practicing a while so you won't see this,
A thousand times in my mind I've said goodbye,
But each time I try to leave you say the right things.


I don't want to run from you because you say you love me, too,
But when you go with someone new,
I can't take that,
No, I can't take that.


And you don't listen, do you, to what they tell you?
There's something missing here because I know you,
When I try to turn away you touch me,
I'm far too deep.

I'm far too deep,
I'm far too deep,
You can't help me,
I'm far too deep
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