Crave Testo

Testo Crave

I'm so done with my heart's being on my sleeve,
Skin trade, sex trade to help me taste what I need,
Give it up to go down, help me to find a beauty queen,
Tongue in my cheek, just a rhyme to describe,
So you know what I mean.


When you wanna taunt and tease the things that you
The ways that you've imagined in your head you wanna try because you
When you wanna do the things in your mind,

I'm so tired of all the posers on the scene,
Standing on the corner of “TragicHeat.”
Give it up to go down, help me to find a beauty queen.
Sprung like a freak, just a rhyme to describe,
What I mean.


I wanna go down to the street where all the devils love the angels,
Boulevard of broken hearts, boulevard of broken stars,
Go down to the street with all the demos by the hotels,
Boulevard of broken dolls,
Don't come out if you don't want to fall.

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