No One Cares So Why Should I Testo

Testo No One Cares So Why Should I

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I took myself for a ride
Thirteen years I held on tightly
Never getting off the train

I kept singing the same old song
Not for me but everyone else
Bleeding from a dried up vein
Everybody felt the same

My blood thinned out in time
Lost strength and gave up the fight
Now I'm heeding your advice
No one cares so why should I

You won't believe what I just read
Throw conviction out the window
I'm looking out for number one

I can't pretend that I feel guilty
And my friends intend to just enable me
I've fallen down into a rut
Nobody to help me up

What if I don't have the right
Second thoughts and I can't decide
Now I'm heeding your advice
No one cares so why should I

I have deprived myself of this for far too long
I have become what I was all along
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