Smoking Amp Testo

Testo Smoking Amp

Nip: Yo Triple Six pass the motherfucking amp.... Nigga, everybody else wanna get fucked up too. Triple Six: man, hold up man, I ain't even hit the motherfucker good yet Nip: Well go on hit the bitch one more time..... It starts off in my house somking amp Feening for blood like a motherfucking vamp I kept hittin' now my brains on fire I felt like stuffin' motherfuckers in a dryer So I take my last puff, then I shot my motherfucking Next door neighbour for good luck I jetted to the car, strapped with a fork and a 20 legged chainsaw Im rollin' down the block, that' s when I saw this pussy ass cop Pissed in his car like I said in "slaughter", Bannana clips (gunshots) to his daughter He pulled his gun, I reached for my axe And drew "texas" in blood on his motherfucking back I wasn't through, he said I was soft Flashbacks from walking town cut his motherfucking legs off Jumped in the ride then I fired up another square Slowed down tokin' had me pulling out my fucking hair Stopped at a store to get a 40 Something in the air said: "it's time to get naughty" I got pissed, and took me a beer (tripple gunshots) down with the cashier She died in my violent capure, (what happend next??) Then tripple six raped her This nigga started screaming for heaven, He tried to run but he died on isle seven Now it' s time to break camp, Fucking with that motherfucking amp Triple Six: ohhh nip, man, I'm fucked up man, here man, take this Nip: ohhh me too .. I fenna kill a bitch... Back on the block sounds messing with my head, Even before some amp eyes blood shot fucking red So Id rive to a burger king, Looking real motherfucking mean. Thingking about a hearse Shot the people in front of me, cause I wanna order first *may I help you brother??* - (triple gunshots) help that motherfucker! Cut out his heart then he felled to his knees, It' s tasty like a whopper with cheese Saw some people at a table eatin' It' s halloween, time for trick' a' treatin' I walked over then the little boy got scared, He kissed his mother then he gave me his fucking head She got mad and hit me in the chin, So I stabbed her in the neck with a 20-foot stick pen A little girl kicked me dead in my chest, For 20 days I was kicking her in her fucking breast I tried to stay calm, Trading urin samples out a motherfucking arm Her daddy, he thought he was hard, I went insane put her pain out his spinal chord I had visions of a lamp, Fucking with that motherfucking amp. Nip: Damn Triple six, this is our last amp square! Triple: for real man? Nip: hell yeah Triple: alright, look... Rolling once again with the amp controlling me, I wander west, the fuck's coming over me I hit the now it' s time for a _________ ?? Driving on the sidewalk hitting people I saw this little sweet ol' lady, *nip you gonna kill her??* - yeah, maybe She started walking across the street, Fenna get her motherfucking ass beat I blew my horn, she shoulda been listening, Hit her ass so hard, her head rolled to Michigan Innocent bystanders dead course I dropped one, Like Scarface said: - "I pop one" I kept hitting, and kept getting mean, Shot every motherfucker I saw under 13 There got the cops, it' s time for death, Loaded up the 12 guage, and I killed myself, fuck...

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