Why The Psych Can't Do It Testo

Testo Why The Psych Can't Do It

S'up main, peep game All these muthafuckin killas And these muthafuckin wicked ass preachers They have they congregations, you know what I'm sayin? They have people to move somethin, know what I'm talkin about? I'm just tryin to get mine, on the grind Psycho Club, know what I'm talkin about? [Verse 1] As I go in a rage Shoot inside the crowd, make em scatter like Raid Don't give a fuck, bitch duck, he fell in the lobby Pick up a needle now there's thousands of holes inside his body Blood leakin, moving real fast down his arm The third fuckin slice is the muthafuckin charm Let me see if they right, cuz I'm thinkin they wrong The third slice is the one where I bring forth chromes I'ma altered beast, with a zillion a styles Uh, y'all keep it quiet while I murder a while Move somethin, Psych Ward, all over the world I want the kids and the parents and the boys and girls Come join, bring money it's good for your health If you don't join, then you'll meet the children of death Let me explain, hopin that you will go through it Jim Jones did it, why the psych can't do it? [Chorus] Charles Manson did it, why the psych can't do it? David Koresh did it, why the psych can't do it? Ted Bundy did it, why the psych can't do it? John Gasey did it, why the psych can't do it? Jeffery Dahmer did it, why the psych can't do it? Jim Baker did it, why the psych can't do it? Jimmy Swaggart did it, why the psych can't do it? Lil Rick did it, why the psych can't do it? [Verse 2] Smoke a dip, flip the script, ball and chain and the whip The fleas, flies, different bugs devoured the body by strips Pit bulls come, claimin all the pieces that's left Whatever parts that they don't eat, the fire ants feel wealth Then they throw a party, now they on their feet But that rival ant gang, they want that meat Now it's an ant war, fire ants cannot be beat Now that's the same type a shit that you see on the street Hit the sweet, move somethin, then grab your glocks Cuz niggas listen to my music then they go kill cops They in a trance, hypnotically they do what I say See, I got the hook up spot where you can buy an A-K Then go out, straight murderin, and start you a spree And don't come back until a thousand nine hundred seventy three Bodies drop, inside the freezer, with ziplock tags And leave the corpses all tied up in ziplock bags A blow torch is now needed, they'll turn into crust Cuz with the fire, then immortals turn slowly to dust Psycho NIP, mad scientist, I'll crush up them bones Cuz I'll catch you, I'll keep you, I'll kill you in the Psych Ward [Chorus] (Big Ron instead of "Lil Rick") [Verse 3] Bumblebees, grasshopers, spiders, they do hit the spot Check nuts, now what, see Mr Snake's on the block Insect war ground, see I can face it now For my reality is body parts, I can taste it now Crushed ice cubes keeps it all frozen stiff A chainsaw pursues much blood, they ready to rip What you want? You bloody shit, when the wrists get slit A thumbtack takes out the eyeballs, they bust real quick [Chorus] (Rowdy Riggins instead of "Lil Rick")

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