Hello Sunday! Hello Road! Testo

Testo Hello Sunday! Hello Road!

Agent told me where I was going
Tom and Keg Leg got the map
The Steelers on my color tv
Henry riding in my lap
Say Hello Sunday, Hello Road
Lord what would my grandma say
To see me out here loving music
So much that I live this way
But then again she's right here with me
Watching every place I go
Oh did you tell me it was my move
I guess it is
Hello Sunday, Hello Road
Hello Sunday, Hello Road

Manager we had just couldn't manage
So midnight managed right along
And it's got me out here with my brothers
And that's the thing that keeps me strong
Say Hello Sunday, Hello Road
Seems like Midnights' coming up on a town
The children on their way to Sunday school
I'm tippin' my hat to Miss Chocolate Brown
And it was on a Sunday that I met my old man
I was twenty-six years old
Naw but it was much too late to speculate
Say Hello Sunday, Hello Road
Hello Sunday, Hello Road

And I've been digging life through my window
And that's the way it's always been
Snow in Nashville, rain in Philly
No matter, get back on the bus again
Say Hello Sunday, Hello Road
Don't look like gonna try the optimistic side
'Cause me and Stick done seen a lot of babies
Dancing to the bottle while we ride
It sure nuff good being with the brothers
Carrying good news wherever we go
Hey let me get myself together man
Say Hello Sunday, Hello Road
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