Third World Revolution Testo

Testo Third World Revolution

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Ain't gon' say it will be morning.
Ain't gon' pick no time of day.
It will hit you without warning
and simply carry you away.
It's gon'be so doggone easy,
you'll know you knew about it all the time.
It will answer all the questions
that were playing with your mind.
It's the Third World Revolution
and we're standing at the gate,
You can make your contribution
while the world is changing shape

Ain't gon say it will be evening,
the time it all makes sense to you.
Just takes workin' and believing
to see the whole third world come true.
We're conna take this world through changes,
not the other way around.
See the world is slowly rearranging
can't nobody stop us now.
It's the Third World Revolution
and we're standing at the gate.
You can add to the solution
while the world is changing shape.
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