Bombs Away Testo

Testo Bombs Away

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Bombs away
Well I guess I'm back in love again
And around we go
This will bring me ruin, but I s'pose it's pleasin
I've changed the eyes I gaze in
But she's just another girl
I need more than a trade-in
Guess I'll have to change the world.
Strike up the band. I believe I have this dance
Hey, raise that glass again, my friend
Yes, I know I'm charming. But she's so easy.
I've changed the tune I dance to
In this gay ol' social whirl
But if I get a chance to
I just might change the world.
It's just the same old movie.
Been playin' here for years.
I could use a change of scenery.
But when I get there I'm still here.
Coming soon: Another day in paradise,
At a theater near you they'll be showing it forever.
So let them keep parading.
Give them all batons to twirl.
For me the splendor's fading.
Yeah, I'll have to change the world.
Rave-out (Varies greatly):
Yes, it's still the same ol' movie,
And I seen it all before.
Guess one more run-through won't undo me.
Hell, I'll just watch the show some more.
(Hey, some more. Yeah, some more.)
Sit back and watch it some more.
Guess I'll just watch the show some more.
(Hey, some more. Yeah, some more.)
But I'd like to know what for.
(Hey, don't you worry what for.)
Bombs away. Well, I guess I'm back in love again.
Hey, `round and `round we go ...
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