Maker, The Testo

Testo Maker, The

Oh Oh Deep Water
Black and Cold Like the night
I stand with Arms Wide Open
I've run a twisted mind (?)
I'm a stranger in the Eyes of the Maker
I could not see, For the Fog in my Eyes
I could not feel, For the Fear in my Life
From acroos the greate divide
In the distance I saw a light
John Baptist walkin to me with the maker
My body is bent and broken
By Love and dangerously (?)
I can't work the fields of Abraham
And turn my head away
I'm not a stranger in the Hands of the Maker
Brother John, Have you seen the Homeless daughter
Standing there, with broken wings
I have seen flaming souls, There over East of Eden
Burning in the eyes of the Maker
Burning in the Eyes of the Maker
Burning in the Eyes of the Maker
Oh River Rise from your sleep
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