Valley Road Testo

Testo Valley Road

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Sometimes I lead sometimes I follow
This time I'll go where she wants me to go
She said maybe today maybe tomorrow
Go deep in the woods down the low valley road
While no one was looking on the old plantation
He took her all the way down the long valley road
They sent her away not too much later
And left him walking down the old valley road
Walk on, walk on alone
Walk on, walk on, walk on alone
Out in the hall they were talking in a whisper
Everybody noticed she was gone a while
Somebody said she's gone to her sister's
But everybody knew what they were talking about
Standing like a stone on the old plantation
The rich old man would have never let him in
Good enough to hire not good enough to marry
When all happens nobody wins
Walk on, walk on alone
Walk on, walk on, walk on alone
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