Walk In The Sun Testo

Testo Walk In The Sun

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
Oh I know there is no place you can go to
And I know you don't know anyone at all
So come walking in the sun with me my little one
And remember that the only time is now
Oh how strange is the story your eyes tell me
And quiet all the new words that you say
So come and hold my hand for you see I'd understand
And remember the only time is now
Oh I come to you ragged up stranger
And you come to me an angel of the nite
So all dancing, we will sing, for it doesn't mean a thing
And remember that the only time is now
So forget about your yesterdays of sorrow
And forget about the darkness you have seen
For there's only you and me at the edge of an endless sea
And remember that the only time is now
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