Where Did You Go? Testo

Testo Where Did You Go?

Knock on the Door, an echo returns.
Where love flamed emptiness burns.
The Streets are empty. The bars are closed.
I take a room and I sleep in my clothes.
Where did you go? I want to know.
Layin' awake in a strange part of town.
Skylight slate rain patters down.
Check out time believe it or not.
Last buck for coffee. It's weak but it's hot.
Where do I go? I want to know. Where do I go?
Folks on the street look weary and grey.
Was it love gone wrong done 'em that way?
A reflection on the window has a face to say,
I'm just another loser on the streets today.
Where did you go? I want to know.
It went by so quick all that remains
are variations on the theme of pain.
A back crack of thunder seems to call my name.
I forget you a minute ducking out of the rain.
Where does it go? I want to know.
Where did you go? Where did you go?
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