You're Still There Testo

Testo You're Still There

There will be times When we forget the dream of reason
And set out to slay whatever Dragons we can find.
We leave you to mind the children, Tend the fires, watch the seasons,
And to puzzle at this fever in our minds.
And yet you stayed there. And yet you stayed there.
When we returned, We were pitiful and burned
Our lessons were unlearned and yet
We found you there We found you there
And now as I write you from this distance,
Imagining the mail come round. Your fingers on the phone,
All the Angels singing praises, Stating purpose, bearing witness,
Could not explain to you The dreams that keep me gone.
And yet you're still there. And yet you're still there.
When I get home, Though tired to the bone
Wired to the core, Nothin' but a 1000 yard stare.
You will be there You will be there.
The risks I take. The plans I make
The grandiose projects I undertake.
Should something fail, Should something break,
I'm not alone in what's at stake...Because you're there.
Because you're there.
On these waves That have carried us through seasons
We will rise and fall together, You and I.
You'll accept my affirmations, Forgiving me my treasons,
You'll be the one I call for when I die.
Because you will be there. Because you will be there.
Of the many seeds I've sewn Only one has grown
And it grew in you alone, because...
'Cause you were there. 'Cause you were there.
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