The Ballad Of Mary Testo

Testo The Ballad Of Mary

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
My fingers touch the solid stones Strong an cold, they keep me from home Imprisoned like a wingless dove Far away from the land I love Lonely days count lonely years I have cried a thousand tears All that I tried to gain Is lost the effort was invane At Carberry hill I lost my crown My husband fled, my luck went down In Englands hands I fell 18 years a living hell The scottish crown belongs to me Yet I´m bound I can not flee With ironclaws England holds tight All is lost no chance to fight Silence-Silence everywhere COLD WALLS ARE MY REWARD LONELYNESS ENGULVES MY SOUL I`VE BEEN TRUE I GAVE MY HEART STAINED TEARS I CRIED I LONG TO BE FREE AGAIN TO WALK IN PEACE AGAIN SCOTLAND CRIES HER QUEEN IS LOST AGONY`S HER FRIEND AGAIN

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