How You Gonna Be A Killa Testo

Testo How You Gonna Be A Killa

[singing in background] [talking] B-Slick... Guru... [Chorus: Smitty] - 2X How you gon' be a killa with no shells in them tecs You sellin dreams when you sell a cassette, and miss Beef like delicatess', I'm Elliot Ness, it's a mess When I tele-connect, it hits [Guru] Nigga, yo your pussy 'round my format bitch is mad masculine I have to win, down in the basement with my clownies, I'm blastin it Thoughts travel past you and, I cock back, release the speech and travel faster than a bullet in flight, I ignite the fight What's the purpose of the black against black or black against white But whatever color you are, we off you quick fast punk If you ain't actin right - so pay homage while we make the farmage I mean far-mage - hungry like there's no food in my sto-mach I've done it son, did it son, spit it son, I'm wit it son Admit it son, lemme find out you kinda timid son I didn't run, like I told you in "DWYCK" I'm holdin my shit, other hand holdin my dick Protectin the fort with all sorts of gats and all sorts of hot pipes and banana clips, I stand equipped [Chorus] - 2X [Smitty] Yo, how can I put it kid, as plain as can be Ain't no braggin, just imagine, what pain it can be Let's get it on and get this shit resolved, amigably(?) If it's on you good as gone kid, I'm sayin if it's me I'll undress a nigga, to a lesser figga Gotta press a trigga (BLAOW!!) ain't messin witcha Call shots and end the game early At the end of the day, playa you blame-worthy The method I use to freak it, I use it frequent to "Scare" you "Straight" like first offenders and juvenile dilinquents When I, talk that talk, I walk that walk amigo It's confidence, you probably think it's a hell of an ego Cats is askin, whose feet are you walkin in? The multi-millionaires with mass media marketin Displayed in a major way, my pager say, I'm bout to get paid today Now make way [Chorus] - 2X [short singing] [Chorus]

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