Again Testo

Testo Again

Standing at a safe distanceFar behind the yellow lineCuz when you pull into the stationI will use all concentrationI only lost my nerveWhen I thought you could be mineSo now I got no one to blameWhen I hear another namePainted smirk and fractured senseFilling your head with thought after thoughtWatching you from the other side of the fenceYou're wearing a hat that I boughtWhen you say he's a wonderful manI wanna be the Cain to his AbelPlease don't reach out your lovely handIf it's gonna stay above the tableI know you love this nodding geldingThis slumping doll you call a 'friend'But I been chipping at the weldingAnd I won't be 'round to see this againI know it might make it quite upsettingBut all good things must come to an endSo unless there's more I'll be gettingI just won't be 'round to see this again

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