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Testo I Got A Right

Amici 2015, anticipazioni puntata 25 aprile: ecco chi è stato eliminato
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I want you on a chain so I can drag you inWhen I want you nearerI wanna see you preening and poutingSo it looks like I'm looking in a mirrorI wanna see you shiver when you wake up in the middle of the nightCuz I got a rightI want you on my tracking systemSo I know just where you're goingI want you to stand at attention when I callCuz you know where the wind is blowingI want you armed to the teeth, fists clenched, ready to take up my fightCuz I go the rightMan makes time and woman takes breathsFor cheap rewards in little deathsI want you to admit when you're wrongI want you to know where you belong

Scarica la suoneria di I Got A Right!
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