Bowing And Scraping Testo

Testo Bowing And Scraping

A fool for a cause or a cause for the fool?It's a fine lineSo when toothy grins start baring their teethYou better make your moves and make them briefCuz hulking rulers keep tabs on youAnd add weights onEverything you doCHORUS:They carve your niche for you for a reasonEven peering over the edge is worse than treasonBut everyone must try escapingThough my every move you will be tapingI won't be bowing and scraping for you.In this little space where you found meI can't stand the staggered freedom of theBox you built around meIt's so fun to watch your cheap angerWhen you don't understand how your condescensionCould translate in my rancorAnd I can't wear the smile you say will save meCuz it don't go with any other worthless thingYou held out at arm's lengthAnd gave meState my case or case my state?It's a fine lineSo since you can't make such fine distinctionsI have to dodge your heavy-handed extinctionsYou may continue to scoff yetI know my stationAnd I'm not getting off yetCHORUS

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