Consequence Testo

Testo Consequence

It started small, the move for change
Potential unrealized
Then it learned to walk, then to organize
And contradict itself right before our eyes
A movement with a perfect flaw
A counter counter-culture

But all the while we held its hand
Helped it walk, helped it stand
We built it up, it let us down
We lit a fire that burns to the ground

The consequence of being heard
You can't control how they hear your words
The consequence of breaking rules
It opens doors for the copycat fools
The consequence of fighting back
It only provokes a second attack

No longer small, and it stays the same
forever unrealized
No longer in us, but always of us
No longer of us, but always in us
Like a movement out of hand
Because we let it go
No longer of us, but always in us
No longer in us, but always of us
As our numbers lower everyday
I question what i used to say
But all the while...
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