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With a fist that won't knock on wood
Unless it's knocking down doors
I carry the weight of my world
On my back, and heavy on my mind
I've been here and back again
So many times
I start to wonder which is worse
The punishments or the crimes
There it is again, as if it ever left
That same old look in your eyes
Here i am again, as if i ever left
Still scorned by last year's lies
With a mouth that won't say anything kind
Unless it's spitting out blood
I carry the weight of my words
On my mind, and heavy on my back
Last time around i found
The truth takes so many turns
Why do i keep jumping into the fire
When i know it always burns
Here i go again, as if it wouldn't be
One more walk along these boards
Here i go again, as if i wouldn't try
To make some sense of these words
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