Strain Testo

Testo Strain

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
So you can put good people into the ground
But you can't keep good ideas down
Some get away with poisonous crimes
They'll walk with guilt until the end of time
While we try to overcome this world's pain
It seems the harder we push forward
We only increase the strain
I m so tired of nothing ever changing of everything staying the same
Of misunderstanding
And being misunderstood
Of feeling like a bad man
When I know I'm good

This is not a song of hope wearing thin
it's a call to arms to those who will not give in
it's a war against fear, a fight for compassion
To bring equality to all humans
While we strive only to ease the pain
It seems the harder we push forward
We only increase the strain

It's a constant struggle
Between good and bad
The balance shifting back and forth
The repetition desensitizes us
Instead of motivating
It keeps us in bed...

Its our world, it's our voice
It's our life, it's our choice
Speak loud, speak truth
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