Yippee!! Testo

Testo Yippee!!

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Hey we have found it
the Ultimate Tuh now
in 2X^2

CHORUS: We fuh-ed it, we nyeh-ed it
the ultimate

heat the shadows blend and glow together
their creating sound


hogs your greedy scheme hasn't worked out now
you're in the ground


yeah, let's party with the energy shadows now
they're all gettin down!


we will stop the Prototype from eating you
attack of the CD


Phil, Ted, and Jorge get into that rocket now
It's time to save the world


nice to meet you energy folk
up in space with a burst of smoke
ship got lost
navigation broke
fear hit the crew and nobody spoke
no map or guide
no directions home
there's no more food
all that's left is soap
we're Horsechips the band
and we're losing all hope!


Scarica la suoneria di Yippee!!!
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