Ardath West Testo

Testo Ardath West

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
so this town used to be our town,
and now that you're not around
the city is changing
the streets are rearranging
and 5 a.m. will never be the same

it used to be, us against everyone
but now you wish to be forgotten
and i'll give that to you
but please tell me the truth
do you know what you're throwing away?

we owned it all from the ocean to the stars
this damn town was rightfully ours
so go ahead and give yourself away
just leave today
you were always so undeserving

does this town have to feel so lonely
and now that you're not around
everything is hard to see
was this even meant to be
will these streets ever feel the same?

it used to be, us against everyone
but now i'm trying to forget you.

maybe someday i'll find someone
to share this town with me someday
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