Loved And Lost Everything Testo

Testo Loved And Lost Everything

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
one last thing

before you go
one last piece, of my soul
would it matter if i held you
and told you that it was alright,
one last time

i wanted to be your first love
i would have settled for your
last romance.
but as you walk into his arms
will we ever have our last dance?

forever ends within this minute
why did you choose to end it like this?

when there was so much left to say
you were soft-spoken
in the hardest way
endless waiting for those things,
you could never say
you always knew,
how to break my day

forever ends from this minute
i don't want this to end tonight
it's not alright
infinitely was written
trying not to fold for you
this one last time
before you go to him

whoever said to have loved and lost
is better than never loving
never felt like this!

the times of our lives were not spent well
and so i fell,
harder than ever!

and i'll keep reminding myself to regret
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