Crosses Count Testo

Testo Crosses Count

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
picturesque thoughts
faded images of an angel
hard to tell you what you truly mean
when you are just

fading away
parting ways is just ripping me in two.
i can see it in your eyes
this is goodbye.

picturesque thoughts
faded images slowly torn apart
have to tell you that you complete my heart
but you're already

fading away
parting ways is just ripping me in two
emptiness is in your eyes
this is goodbye.

eyes shut tight, keeping fingers crossed.
just couldn't see, we're star-crossed
as your life begins, this fairytale ends
next time we touch, we'll just shake hands
maybe an embrace
but only as friends!

eyes shut tight,
fingers forever crossed!
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