Killa Bh Skit Testo

Testo Killa Bh Skit

[Killa BH:]


(It's what (oooo)

It's that Killa BH muuusic,

(Nahh son, nahh, ain't NO way this mixtape going down with out me baby, it's ya boy Killa BH baby, yeaa son, I got that new crack, you wanna hear it? here it goes...)

Brandon's name ring bells from coast to coast,
Chicks dig me, cause my skin 's the color of toast,
You can come around my way, see me on the block,
My pant leg 's rolled up, with some yellow tube socks,
You see my L.A. gears, you see my Voltron shirt,
You feel the pen, you turn blue like the cartoon smurf,
You better make sure ya geico paid, Killa BH heat up like a mothafuckin MICROWAVE, WOOOOOOoooooo!,

It's over, it's a wrap baby, no one's stopping me baby, I'm goin' to tha top, Atlantic Records, Sony Records,.. ButterFly Records,.. I don't care where it is baby, sprinkle fairy dust on it, it's a wrap... Are you in those shoes yet? !
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