Cheers Men Testo

Testo Cheers Men

Oh men, (Oh men)
Oh men, (oh men)
you've got no money
(you've got no money)
you've got no friends

when I come back from the work
I find you lying on the floor
When I start yelling you say
Come on baby, that's all right !

Oh men, (Oh men)
Oh men, (oh men)
You love your whiskey
(You love your whiskey)
You love your beers

You say baby I'm going to help you
So you go to the super market
And come back with nothing but
Three bottles of whiskey !

Oh men, (Oh men)
Oh men, (oh men)
You dance with the Devil
You dance with the Devil)
While I cheat on you

I can't stand you any more
When we are in bed
You scream Jack !
Instead of my name

Oh men, (Oh men)
Oh men, (oh men)
I need a hard dick !
(I need a hard dick !)
But you fall asleep

So I found a way
to make you fall asleep forever
now you're dead I'm happy
with another man
but I won't forget you
I'll come every sunday
to water down your grave
with whiskey !

Cheers men,
(Cheers men)
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