The Clown Testo

Testo The Clown

He was a clown
With his accordion
He made bettles dance
All night long

When he's sad, he's really sad
And when he's happy he's happy,
He tickles the beetle's Lucy

One day at the show game
A bumblebee
He said : "one day your name
Will be in lights"

Because I got money
And I want you
Work with me and
You'll be a star

In Paris
He played in Cabaret
That's where he met
A French Gyraf

But his big red nose is not make up
Too much wine when he wakes up

They went in a bar
Where we drink champagne
And eat mysterious chocolate
Which made them laugh all night long
They laughed all night long...

They laughed so much
That they couldn't breath any more
What happy ending
It was a sunday morning
Our clown died laughing
And we could hear the beetles singing

When he's sad, he's really sad
And when he's happy, he tickles the
Beetle's Lucy
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