Astronomical Testo

Testo Astronomical

Ladies and gentleman what you are about to witness
is an experiment that will change the world
What we have lying here is what's known as a lyricist
As you can see the subject is completely subdued
He is at total physical and mental submission
The mechanism you see attached to his head is called a thought transferal device
It is activated by voice command
The subject has also been programmed to respond only to the sound of my voice
When I give the word the subject will automatically begin to release thoughts
One verse will instantly extract ever ounce of lyrical ability from his brain
rendering him a vegetable
Ok everyone stand back (I'm astronomical) Go
Rhymes designed to murder ya lines from the mind murderer
Time for blind massacre words be chasing after ya
I'm astronomical (I'm astronomical)

Unexpected disasters
Bastards testing the master
Blessing the masses with paragraphs that will blast ya to smithereens
The guillotine
That fell from the mezzanine
Just landed but started falling back in 1917
By whatever means, I'm a sever spleens
While I perfectly describe a thousand murders that I never seen
Your flow is comical mine is astronomical
Watch the phenomenal writer blow holes thru your abdominal
Then I'll plummet thru the sky like a loud comet
Lyrics make the sun bead thoughts that make a cloud vomit
Snitches lay next to shotgun shells
Once he dead man I promise you he not gon tell
For the hell I spiked the kool-aid with scorpion venom
If some alien's attacks don't run to me for help I probably sent 'em
To take me out you gonna need a few more hundred men
One thousand is my ranking on a scale from one to ten
I leave ya staff guessing in the lab stressing
Paragraph blessing here's a math lesson
Action, when I take your soul from you that's subtraction
When I split you in two halves then you a fraction
Fast or slow its best ya know not to test the flow, its [K-Rino]
I'm colder than a homeless Eskimo
I'm a potential mental patient
A science fictional manifestation of another mans imagination (ugh)

Hmm. This is unusual
The process has been successfully completed; however
he seems To have more brain power than we anticipated
This monitor indicates that we can [otentially extract one more
which will double the amount of skill we are trying to extract
I'm about to attempt go into his mind and gather one more. Go

My raps will shatter anatomical compositions to shrapnel
Twist you up horizontally, vertically, and diagonal
I'm the scary one, paragraph killer copied by everyone
Rappers mangled so bad it turned vultures to vegetarians
I'm laced with flows so sharp each word places
Five slashes like a blade that made faces look like K-Swiss
I flame throw, you maintain the same flow
In cloud battles I make colored blood stains drip out of the rainbow
My life get to the point where it don't matter what you spice with
I'm immune to stab wounds he kept jugging me till the knife quit
I was foreseen by an Ethiopian queen
Not in the past but in the future 3017
I'm a live threat that survived seven hundred twenty five threats
You witnessing a prelude the real me hasn't arrived yet (ugh uh)
My rough courses are taught by unseen forces
In a cold cave with a witch, two leprechauns, and a sorceress
I transcend, concentrate ya levels no man been standing
With a cello on my chin playing mentally with my hands in
When he slept all you heard was mad screams
Cuz he was dreaming that he kept waking up from bad dreams
And each dream contained a hundred more dreams with different scenes
Prolonging paralysis with multiplied recurring themes
And I do it smooth
My epilogues making the music move
Twist your brain up with my hand and mash it back up like a Rubix Cube
Historical my eloquence is categorical
Travel thru portals the immortal metaphorical oracle
Made provisions to purchase ammunition and construct criticism
And slaughter kitchens where I mass produce apparitions

Rhymes designed to murder ya lines from the mind murderer
Time for blind massacre words be chasing after ya
I'm astronomical (I'm astronomical)

I can't breathe. This wasn't supposed to happen
He somehow reversed the effects of the procedure
Ha ha ha ha ha ha [K-Rino laughing]

[Hook x2]
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